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Why use DynaTire?

DynaTire is one of the best mobile tire installation services in the Chicago suburb area. Our goal is to give you the best service possible by offering the convenience of bringing the shop to you. No more waiting long hours at the tire shop. We come to your home or work for installation at your convenience. Our truck is equipped with specialized machinery to mount and balance your tires. And it’s not only about the tires. We want to offer you the best prices we can while delivering quality service at the agreed date, time and location. We strive to provide you value while exceeding your expectations!

I don’t live in your coverage area, but I work in one. Can you still install my tires?

Yes, we can. Our technician will contact you prior to arrival. We kindly ask that you notify the proper staff that we will be onsite servicing your vehicle.

Do I need to provide power or any equipment?
No. All we need are your keys and your vehicle. Our mobile tire service vehicle is equipped with everything needed.

Is there anywhere you can’t install tires?
The installation location must not represent a danger to you, our technician, or any other person. It must not block emergency access or exit routes. Our service vehicle should be able to park within a reasonable safe distance from your vehicle. 
We are unable to install tires on the side of the road or highway. Your vehicle must be in a designated parking lot or driveway. 
Our service vehicles have to observe all the same road regulations and parking restrictions while ensuring safe working areas.


How much space do you require in order to work on my vehicle?
We require five feet clearance on the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle.

How do you balance my wheels?
Our service vehicles are equipped with up-to-date computerized wheel balancers designed specifically for mobile use.

I have an inclined graveled driveway, is this OK to work on?
Yes, in most circumstances. If there is any doubt as to the suitability of a surface in terms of safety, we will ask to move the vehicle to a more suitable area.

I have a punctured tire. Will you be able to repair it?
Our technician will conduct a careful inspection and if the tire can be successfully repaired and reused, we will be happy do so.

I have suffered a blow out on the road and require immediate attention. Do you offer an emergency service?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of our service, we must adhere to a pre-planned route.

I’ve lost my locking wheel nut – can you still get the wheels off?⦁    Our technician is able to attempt the removal of these devices using specialized equipment. The successful removal is completely dependent on how the item was last installed. The wheel lug nuts will be destroyed upon removal. You must notify us to add replacement wheel lug nuts to your order when you book your appointment with us. There is an additional charge for this service.

I have made an appointment but need to change the time and/or date. Is this OK?⦁    Of course! We understand that everyone’s plans can change unexpectedly and will be happy to accommodate any difficulties you may experience in keeping your appointment. We kindly request a minimum of (2) business days or 48 hours notice in order for us to plan rerouting or booking another customer into your time slot. We will gladly reschedule your appointment.

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